Paper Submission

IOBC-WPRS Bulletin – how to prepare a paper or extended abstract?

As has been done in previous meetings of our WG, contributions will be published in the IOBC Bulletin. They should be short contributions (maximum 6 pages), or an extended abstract of one page, of scientific or technical information that is not intended to interfere or compete with publication of data in journals. The IOBC/WPRS “Bulletins” are a well-established series of relatively fast issued working papers in a systematic format. Bulletins are proceedings of Working and Study Group meetings and Commission activities. IOBC/WPRS Members have online access to the full content of all recent Bulletins.

Instructions for papers (oral presentations)

For preparation of your contribution(s) for the IOBC Bulletin please follow the instructions to the authors of IOBC/WPRS, bulletin templates are available in pdf, docx and Endnote. Please note the six page limit.

Instructions for extended abstracts (poster presentations)

Poster presenters are asked to write an extended abstract for publication in the IOBC Bulletin. For preparation of the abstract, also follow the instructions to the authors of IOBC/WPRS, and use the first page of the bulletin templates to include:

·         The title of the paper.

·         List of author(s) and co-authors, including contact details.

·         An overview of the objectives, methods used, results and conclusions.

·         A list of up to 5 key words.

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx.
    Word files (.doc or .docx) only. Please note the six page limit.