Grower Session


The Grower Session is a program geared specifically toward providing growers the opportunity to discuss pest issues and research needs with the world's leading GH researchers. The program includes lunch and will be held at the Marriott on the Falls hotel on Wednesday June 7th, from 12:30 pm till 5 pm. Fill out the fields below and checkout to reserve your spot!

Grower Session registration is included in full IOBC Meeting registration. If you are already registered for the full IOBC meeting, you do not need to register separately for the grower session.

Registration Deadline was May 30

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Grower Session Program
1:00 Lunch with Growers & Scientists sponsored by BioBest
1:50 Keynote: Using biological control as a first line of defence from “Start to Finish” in greenhouse vegetables and ornamental production Ronald Valentin
Bioline AgroSciences
2:30 Keynote: Experience with biological control in mini vegetable pot-plants called Pick & Joy Leonie van Rooijen
Vreugdenhill-klugt Propagation
3:10 Developing an IPM program for greenhouse strawberry production in Ontario Blake Fischer
3:30 Review of biopesticide products for greenhouse production systems in the United States Steven Arthurs
3:50 Break sponsored by Eco Habitat
4:10 Fertilizer effects on aphid population growth and biological control John Sanderson
4:30 Conservation and augmentation of the predatory mite Iphiseius degenerans in greenhouse crops Juliette Pijnakker
4:50 Improved predatory mite release system Tom Groot
5:10 Prey mites as an in-crop food: an innovative strategy to enhance biocontrol Enric Vila Rifá
5:30 Discussion period with growers (20 min)

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